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Steve and Debra Miller

Melchizedek Multiplied Ministries is a Christian Organization that provides good, “healthy food” into the tummies of starving children. Your donations for food plain and simple, buy food, and the food; gets to the kids. {We also have programs that establish large community gardens, chicken farms, and provide water purification systems}

No salaries- we all pay our own way on our trips.

No Kickbacks on any level- Money for a bag of beans or rice, buys a bag of beans or rice.

No Dock fees, taxes, or transportation charges- we have our own vehicles, drivers, and translators.

1. We are a 501C3 organization, your donations are tax deductible

2. We love to take individuals or small groups with us, so if you want to know more about going just let us know.

3. An 80lb bag of beans and rice cost about, $45.00, 2 people working together, could get a bag or two to these kids.

4. Many children are very malnourished, please understand that some vitamins are bought here and carried over. Orange hair, swollen bellies, and visible infections are all easy signs of not just hunger but nutritional deficiencies.

5. Jesus said, when you feed the hungry, you have fed me. Matthew 25:40, James 1:27, Psalms 82:3, 68:5, Isa 58:10. (And hundreds more).

For more information:

Steve and Debra Miller 

21987 St Hwy 49,

Lawton, OK 73507

580.678.9617 918.399.3326


a. The average orphan weighs approx. 50lb, so about 40 orphans is real close to a ton. (Trust us, finding the orphans is the easy part, Haiti alone has over 500,000.)

b. As an individual or a small group, pray about what God would have you do and give. (remember we love to take people with us)

c. Checks or cash can be donated to Melchizedek Multiplied, or working through your local church for the donation is also great.

Questions: Steve and Debra Miller Lawton, OK

580.678.9617- 918.399.3326